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1. How to connect Google Business Profile with rankingCoach?

If you already have a Google Business Profile entry, it is possible to connect your existing entry to your rankingCoach account, and manage it from the rankingCoach app. This means that rankingCoach will enable you to update your working hours, contact details, or reply to reviews directly within the app.

The first step is to complete the Google Business Profile onboarding section.

Go to the left menu and select “Google Business Profile”. Click on “Start setup” and follow the steps. At the end of the onboarding process, you will get the unique code to add to your Google Business Profile users list and invite rankingCoach as the owner of the listing.

This code is just an example. Check your account to get the code unique for your account.

It is important to add rankingCoach as the owner of the listing as this will allow us to fully connect and manage your account. Please note that you will still remain the primary owner or the account, and we’ll be added as secondary owner.

Adding rankingCoach as owner of the account is the four step process, and we can be added to the listing only by the owners of the account.

If you have a manager role, please note that you will not be able to add new users.

2. Steps to connect rankingCoach with Google Business Profile

In order to connect, sync, add or remove ownership or manager right from your Google Business Profile with other platforms, you first need to fulfill some requirements according to the Google steps on How to add & remove owners & managers for your Business Profile:

  • Step 1

Sign in to your Google Business Profile account and choose the location you would like to connect with rankingCoach.

  • Step 2

Click on the Menu as indicated in the screenshot below with the three dots

and then proceed to Business Profile settings > Managers.

  • Step 3

Click at the top left on

  • Step 4

You will be asked to add a name or the email to invite a new user. This is where you will add the rankingCoach code as we saw in the previous chapter

  • Step 5

Under "Access," choose Owner or Manager - in this case you choose the “Owner” option.

  • Step 6

Click on Invite in order to officially invite us (rankingCoach) to be connected and synced with your Google Business Profile.

If this is not the case, and your account is not connected after 48 hours, please reach out to our support team on support@rankingcoach.com. When successfully connected with our application and your Google Business Profile, you will see a similar display as the screenshot below shows:

Once connected, rankingCoach will have access to your Google Business Profile account, and we’ll be able to present you with reports on your business profile.

Need more help or have questions about Google Business Profile, check out our help pages: https://help.rankingcoach.com/en/

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