We have noticed some of our customers wonder what the “GC RE” stands for when you notice a billing on your bank statement. If you have an active subscription at rankingCoach GmbH, the total amount due will be collected by GoCardless, which is the “GC” you will see in the billing transaction. GoCardless is an online payment service that rankingCoach uses so that customers can easily pay by Direct Debit. GoCardless is the most secure form of online payments where you are protected by the  Kundenschutz beim SEPA-Lastschriftverfahren and it allows you to have more transparency and control over your bills. 

This is why you will see “GC RE rankingCoach” in your bank details when the amount has been debited. 

In your rankingCoach account, you have access to all the details of your account including: personal data, subscription, payment data and your invoices. To view your invoices, please click here

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