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Why am I being charged by GC RE?
Why am I being charged by GC RE?

What is GC, and why do I see GC RE in my bank statement?

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1. What is GC RE?

We have noticed some of our customers wonder what the “GC RE” stands for when they notice this on the bank statement. If you have an active subscription at rankingCoach GmbH Germany, the total amount due will be collected by GoCardless, which is the “GC” you will see in the billing transaction. GoCardless is an online payment service that rankingCoach uses so that customers can easily pay by Direct Debit. GoCardless is the most secure form of online payment where you are protected by the Kundenschutz beim SEPA-Lastschriftverfahren, and it allows you to have more transparency and control over your bills.

This is why you will see “GC RE rankingCoach” in your bank details when the amount has been debited.

2. Are GC RE charges for all countries?

GoCardless (GC) however, is not applicable to all countries which are supported by rankingCoach! Only countries in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) can be charged or debited automatically by GoCardless. GoCardless however is not available for our customers in the United States, United Kingdom or Ireland! The SEPA region consists of 36 European countries, including several countries which are not part of the euro area or the European Union (ECB 2023).

For the SEPA countries, it applies that if by any chance something other than rankingCoach is coming after GC RE, then you have been debited by another company and NOT by rankingCoach! This is however not applicable for the invoice statements of customers from the United States, United Kingdom or Ireland as for those countries payment collections might happen through other means of payment like credit cards or PayPal.

In your rankingCoach account, you have access to all the details of your account including personal data, subscription, payment data and invoices. To view your invoices, please click here.

For more questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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