As a website owner of a business, you’ve probably already heard about Google Analytics. The big question is what exactly does Google Analytics do? For SMBs it might look like a difficult task to use Google Analytics. But there is no need to worry. This article will give you the answer to the question and explain to you how you can reach high rankings for your website by connecting Google Analytics to rankingCoach so that you are able to optimize your website successfully.

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool from Google showing how visitors use a website. Let’s say you would like to know how many visitors use your business website. Then Google Analytics will show you the exact number of visitors, where they come from, which device they used and much more. So, Google Analytics is a platform which gives you a complete overview of your websites performance. And best of all, you don't need more than your Google Account to use the tool. Once you have it, you can easily go to Google Analytics and click on the Sign in button. It only takes three steps to set Google Analytics up. 

First of all, you give some basic information about what site you would like to monitor. In the second step you will get a tracking code to paste onto your pages so that Google knows when your site is visited. Finally you will be able to start seeing data about your site.

You've probably now want to know why Google Analytics is important? You will quickly see that the tool helps you to monitor your website’s performance and your marketing efforts. With the help of the reports, you can see which type of content you should create or which products you should list. You can even filter the results by dividing the users into different groups (for example country, age, device). In simple words, Google Analytics offers you all the information you need to optimize your website and bring you to your online success! 

Google Analytics might seem difficult for users with little experience. Yet it does not have to be with the help of rankingCoach! You don't have to do much more, since  rankingCoach has already selected the most important data for you to help you analyse the performance of your website. 

To monitor the performance of your website you can choose between different categories of information optional per hours, days, weeks or months. rankingCoach shows you all the visits you had on your website and the number and percentage of new visitors you received for a period. The page views data gives you the information about the number of pages visited by all your visitors and visitor duration of how long visitors stay on your website. The pages per visit is the average amount of pages that people look on your website. With the bounce rate you get the number of visitors that closed your website without interacting or that hit the back button. With these information you will get a greater idea about how attractive your website is! 

You simply have to connect your Google Analytics account to rankingCoach to get this data. First click on “Reports” and then on “Web-Analytics” in the left menu of your rankingCoach account. You activate the function in rankingCoach by clicking on “ACTIVATE RANKINGCOACH ANALYTICS”. To allow rankingCoach to connect the correct tracking ID code, you have to select the Google-Mail account you used to connect your website to Google Analytics.

Please make sure that the Google Analytics account has the same tracking ID present in the website. Otherwise rankingCoach will not be able to connect your Google Analytics account. 

Once you have connected your Google Analytics account to rankingCoach, you will find all the important information about your website in one place! If you have already completed tasks and made the appropriate changes on your website, you can monitor the changes and impact on your website.

Thus, rankingCoach offers you the possibility to easily access a selection of the most important Google Analytics analysis without prior knowledge. Using them in the best possible way to optimize your website has never been easier! 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, we are more than happy to help. 

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