What is Google Analytics?

Do you want to know more about what Google Analytics is and how to connect it with rankingCoach? Check out this article to find out.

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1. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool from Google. It is a platform which gives you a complete overview of your website's performance. Google Analytics will show you the exact number of visitors, where they come from, which device they used, gender, age and other important information to help you get a better understanding of your audience.

Once you have a Google Account, you can easily go to Google Analytics and click on the Sign in button to start the process and set up your website with Google Analytics.

2. Why do I need Google Analytics?

With the help of Google Analytics reports, you can see how your website, offers, content and other elements of the optimization work for you and how it affects your engagement and the behaviour of the customers. With the help of Google Analytics, you can find if customers spend more time on one page of the website, leave quickly on the other page or in general what is the bounce rate, click rate and total impressions.

3. How to set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be set up in 3 steps. All you need is a Google Account.

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics

  2. Get a unique tracking code called GA4 code

  3. Add tracking GA4 code to your website

During the Google Analytics set-up, you will give some basic information about what site you would like to monitor. In the second step, you will get the GA4 tracking code to paste onto your pages so that Google knows when your site is visited. Finally, you will be able to start seeing data about your site.

4. How to connect Google Analytics and rankingCoach?

First, click on “Reports” and then on “Web-Analytics” in the left menu of your rankingCoach account.

You can activate the function in rankingCoach by clicking on “Connect”.

To allow rankingCoach to connect the correct tracking ID code, you have to select the Google Mail account you used to connect your website to Google Analytics.

Please make sure that the Google Analytics account has the same tracking ID present on the website. Otherwise, rankingCoach will not be able to connect your Google Analytics account, and we won’t be able to present you with the data on your traffic.

5. How does rankingCoach work with Google Analytics?

To monitor the performance of your website you can choose between different categories of information optional per hours, days, weeks or months. rankingCoach shows you all the visits you had on your website and the number and percentage of new visitors you received for a period.

You will also get a details report on:


Acquisition insights reveal how you are gaining new clients. This can be organic search, paid search, social media, email campaigns, referral sites, and direct traffic.


Engagement insights provide data on how users interact, engage, and behave on a website or mobile app. This includes reports on Events, Conversions, Pages and Screens, and Landing Pages.


The retention insights show how long users interacted with your app or website before leaving.

6. Google Analytics and Data Protection

Google Analytics uses different methods for data collection in different regions of the world. European Economic Area’s General Data Protection Regulation and California's California Consumer Privacy Act apply for all of the accounts with Google Analytics tracking codes, both UA and GA4. To find out more about the policy and data protection in your region check out the article.

If you have any questions or need help connecting with Google Analytics, please contact our support team.

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